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Healthy You

Sent in by Ginny Barnard, Riley County

In 2010, Riley County introduced the idea of a workplace wellness initiative for county employees called Fit4Life.

Since Americans are working more and more, the workplace is an ideal setting for such initiatives. Wellness programs have shown to decrease absenteeism, reduce employee health risks, increase productivity, and improve employee morale.

One of our first and most successful changes has been a simple fruit basket. The basket is located in the employee breakroom (next to the vending machines) as a healthier option. A donation jar is provided with a suggested donation of $0.50 per piece of fruit. The average cost per piece of fruit is $0.42. The basket is filled at the beginning of each week with a variety of fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and whole-grain cereal. Here are a few of the comments we have received from county employees...

"The fruit has been great! Sometimes may need more added during week."

"I enjoy the fruit basket a lot!"

For employees, a workplace that supports healthy behaviors can improve physical fitness, lower levels of stress, increase stamina, help maintain or reduce weight, and improve self-esteem. A simple fruit basket can make a big difference!

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