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Healthy You

4-H Discovery Days
Sarah Keatley, Kansas 4-H Events Coordinator

Discovery days is a mini-college opportunity for teens, and the office is home to youth, volunteers and staff coming in and out for materials and information over the four day event.

Sarah Keatley made a big change in the 4-H Discovery Day Operations Office by replacing the candy bowl with a fruit bowl. New offerings included bananas, apples and clementines.

When asked about the change, Keatley said,  "In the past we have always had a bowl full of chocolate and sugar. This year, I was at the Farmer's Market the weekend before Discovery Days and noticed that they had Little Cuties for sale.  "I made the decision then to not purchase any chocolate and see how the clementines went over. I added some bananas and apples to the mix and we did not have a single complaint. Several youth and adults were actually very excited that we had a variety of fresh fruits to pick from. While chocolate is so often a 'comfort' food for so many of us, it was great to have a healthy alternative to grab and go within arm's reach!"