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Healthy You

Welcome to Healthy You!


Our Vision: A culture of health will exist for K-State Research and Extension employees to model healthy behaviors as they conduct their professional responsibilities.

The KSRE Workplace Wellness Leadership Team developed a road map for Healthy You based on data provided by employees through personal health assessments, surveys of needs and interests, and workplace audits. During this process, four content areas were identified:

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Self Care to Address Health Risks
  • Work-Life Effectiveness

The leadership team is following the Seven Benchmarks of Success developed by Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA).

This website will be updated with timely information and Healthy You activities will be announced here and in the Tuesday Letter.

Download the form for the 2016 'Healthy You Recognition' program
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KSRE Wellness
Leadership Team

Sharolyn Jackson
NE Area Extension

Daryl Buchholz
Extension Administration

Jodi Drake
Pratt County Extension

Carl Garten
Central KS Ext District

Gregg Hadley
Ag & Natural Resources
Community Development

Beth Hinshaw
SE Area Extension

Doug Jardine
Plant Pathology

Susan Johnson
Douglas County Extension

Tanda Kidd
Human Nutrition

Paula Peters
Family & Consumer Sciences

Julie Riniker
NE Area Extension

Denise Sullivan
Leavenworth County Extension

Stacey Warner
Extension Operations