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Healthy You

Diana Pavlisko, Dept of Plant Pathology

They say that every journey starts with a single step. Diana Pavlisko discovered that to be true as she shares her story on the journey to better health.

In her words:

"My journey started in January 2013. I had recovered from a broken ankle and needed to lose weight to continue with the healing.

I started working with a personal trainer and dietician through a local gym competition being held. I enjoyed it so much I decided to stick with the trainer. When I began, I could get to the floor but couldn't get back up by myself... not a pretty picture!

I stayed on track and now not only can I get to the floor; do push-ups and get back up by myself – I can do so much more! I have lost 50 lbs and a total of 8 inches.

I participated in Walk Kansas and feel very proud that I did a significant portion of the activity to allow my group to surpass our goal. I continue to do on-line activities with HealthQuest and am grateful that the University takes steps to ensure their employees have access to healthier living ideas and activities.