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Healthy You

Martha Flanagan, Cherokee County

When asked about the 'secret' to her successful journey to better health, Martha Flanagan didn't identify a single thing...it was a COMBINATION of things.

First...30 minutes on the stationary bike every morning and 15 minutes of strength training every other morning.

Second...breakfast, which is when she tests her blood sugar and reviews her daily food log, which she tries to keep around 1300 calories. This also gave her the opportunity to discover what foods were her personal 'triggers' for raising her blood sugar.

Third...sleep. She strives for 8 hours of sleep a night and has adopted the mantra of her endocrinologist: "Sleep Don't Eat".

All of these efforts led to losing a 'significant' amount of weight (ask her for the number), decreased blood sugar levels from over 200 to the 90-100 range, decreased A1C levels from 8.9 to 5.4 and greatly increased energy levels.

Though she still needs insulin, her dosage is greatly reduced and she just 'feels good'.